Leading an International Computer Science Program in Germany

institution description

Lancaster University Leipzig, an international campus of the renowned UK institution, provides quality education in Germany, blending British academic standards with global perspectives.

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Scaling Frontend Solutions for a Large Corporation

Company description

Nestlé is a Fortune 500 multinational food and drink corporation headquartered in Switzerland. It is the largest publicly held food company in the world.

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Rebuilding a Large Corporate Website

Company description

TIM Group, also operating under the name Telecom Italia, is an Italian telecommunications company headquartered in Rome and Milan, which provides telephony services, mobile services, and DSL data services.

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Prototyping a Frontend for an E-Learning Platform

Company description

Ubiter is an e-learning network that will connect people to share knowledge, creating courses and studying online, allowing users to interact together as teachers, learners or collaborators.

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Updating and Improving a WordPress Multisite Network

Company description

Gruppo HTML is one of the main realities of the Italian Web. Founded in 1997, today it includes a large editorial network ranging from IT to the automotive sector with millions of daily users.

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Leading a Team and Building a Business Website

Client description

Quadrologico offers perfomance management services, consulting, and business training for IT startups and SMBs.

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Crafting a Cross-Browser Responsive Sass Framework

Project description

Solid and fluid Sass framework to be used as an alternative to Normalize.css or Bootstrap library for fast progressive frontend projects.

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Additional projects

Bespoke WordPress websites for small and mid-size businesses, from idea to execution.

Patty Bloom

Project description

Professional Italian Bra Fitting & Lingerie boutiques.
Online booking, products catalog, guides, blog, videos and photos.

Technologies involved

WordPress, Woocommerce, cPanel, DNS, CSS, Mailchimp, Simplybook, Asana, Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager

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Sinfonia Leipzig

Project description

A diverse freelance orchestra renowned for performing classical music in Germany's most unique venues. Concerts, galleries, videos, and innovative projects.

Technologies involved

WordPress, The Events Manager, GiveWP, CSS, Brevo, Asana

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The Consciousness Field

Project description

An interactive art study personal website where ideas about consciousness are collected by the Portuguese anthropologist and artist Rosemarie Lopes.

Technologies involved

WordPress, CSS, Asana

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Frontend code examples

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