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I’m Marco, an Agile Project Manager & former Frontend Developer


Hello! I’m Marco Pontili, a certified Agile Project Manager and former Senior Frontend Developer with a strong background in Technical Project Management, Team Leadership, and Web Development.

I have over a decade of experience in designing, planning, building, and executing digital projects for startups, SaaS companies, corporations, and institutions.

Core competencies

  • Multicultural experience for cross-cultural communication
  • Agile leadership for cross-functional global teams
  • Proven ability to foster positive client relationships
  • Effective time and task management skills
  • Strong complex problem-solving skills

Have a project in mind? Email me at

Some of my work

A collection of my standout projects to which I’ve contributed over the years.


Leading a UK Computer Science Program in Germany

institution description

Lancaster University Leipzig, an international campus of the renowned UK institution, provides quality education in Germany, blending British academic standards with global perspectives.

→ Read more about Lancaster University

Frontend scaling for a large corporation

Company description

Nestlé is a Fortune 500 multinational food and drink corporation headquartered in Switzerland. It is the largest publicly held food company in the world.

→ Read more about Nestlé

Rebuilding a large corporate website

Company description

TIM Group, also operating under the name Telecom Italia, is an Italian telecommunications company headquartered in Rome and Milan, which provides telephony services, mobile services, and DSL data services.

→ Read more about TIM Group

Prototyping in code an e-learning platform frontend

Company description

Ubiter is an e-learning network that will connect people to share knowledge, creating courses and studying online, allowing users to interact together as teachers, learners or collaborators.

→ Read more Ubiter

Updating and improving a WordPress multisite network

Company description

Gruppo HTML is one of the main realities of the Italian Web. Founded in 1997, today it includes a large editorial network ranging from IT to the automotive sector with millions of daily users.

→ Read more about Gruppo HTML

A portfolio showcasing my notable contributions to various projects throughout my career.

Let’s connect

Hi there! I'm an Italian Project Manager and former Developer currently based in Leipzig, Germany. Previously, I've lived in Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Rome.

I lead and build digital projects using modern technologies, customized interfaces, and efficient code.

Have a project in mind? Let’s talk about it I’d love to chat!

You can also find me on LinkedIn and GitHub.

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