Quadrologico offers performance management services, consulting, and business training for IT startups and SMBs.

One day, I got an email from Raffaele, the CEO of this wonderful Italian company. He was looking for an IT Consultant able to design, build, and launch a simple and effective business website for his new company.

After understanding correctly the job I was commissioned to do, I decided to put on a small team. A graphic designer (Linda) and a web designer (Massimiliano) from Italy and a remote full-stack developer (Antonio) from Estonia. My role was to coordinate the activities and make the client happy 😀.

We decided to build a lightweight WordPress CMS with a custom admin area and design a minimalist website with a focus on content. We used Asana (slide #03 in the carousel above) as main work management platform and Skype for instant communications and video meetings.

We created also a blog and decided on the marketing guidelines following the SEO requirements.

Work management

Asana gives you everything you need to stay in sync, hit deadlines, and reach your goals.

It’s indeed a productive tool where every idea could be discussed and analyzed in detail with all the project team members. I wrote a lot of information there and left an activity history useful for us and the client.
This has optimized the times and allowed to raise the quality of the project, without losing sight of everyone's needs.


Raffaele got a compelling website for Quadrologico and we got paid for all the efforts of the previous month. It was been a priceless project management experience. And it was very rewarding.
Each team member did his best and worked to explain what and why she/he was doing, almost in real-time!

Basic Info

Project Manage a team and build a business website
Company Quadrologico
Job type Freelance
Position Project Manager
Technologies involved Asana, Slack, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP
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