Gruppo HTML is one of the main realities of the Italian Web. Founded in 1997, today it includes a large editorial network ranging from IT to the automotive sector with millions of daily users.

I worked for Gruppo HTML (now part of Triboo Media) for approximately two years as a Frontend Developer and Web Designer in the dev team. I made several Frontend experiments looking for the perfect and flexible responsive web design technique.
I also helped them building and redesigning large customized WordPress-based media websites like or Just the first one has more than 50K articles and guide pages.

In a few words: a lot of CSS in a large codebase, wireframes, mockups, a/b testing, debugging, and performance optimization.

Writing articles

I wrote some articles about Frontend development and collaborate on the creation of a web design guide for Creating content for the web seems easy but who will read it?
The search engines and Google Analytics are crucial, and finally be able to understand what the user wants, being a big part of the great SEO experience that I made with the head of the editorial section.


I learned how to be part of a large team under one roof, sharing and commenting on technical details with my project manager and the marketing team, and build in scale. I saw designing and building from scratch amazing high-performance WordPress themes.

Basic Info

Project Update and improve a WordPress multisite network
Company Gruppo HTML (now Triboo Media)
Job type Full-time
Position Frontend Developer / Web Designer (Dev team)
Technologies involved HTML, CSS, jQuery, Responsive Web Design, Balsamiq wireframing, DEM, Google Analytics, A/B testing
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